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018: My Master Cleanse Experience: Going 11 Days with NO FOOD!

February 03, 2022 Grayson Waataja Episode 18
Sweet Clarity
018: My Master Cleanse Experience: Going 11 Days with NO FOOD!
Show Notes

To begin this magical new year I wanted to do something that I have never done before to set the energetic precedent for the levels of success that I desire to experience this year. I recently completed something called The Master Cleanse, also referred to as "The Lemonade Diet" by some.

In this episode I cover my various different intentions for doing this cleanse and what my daily routine looked like while doing it for 11 days. I also explain what exactly this cleanse is, how to make the lemonade drink, and tips I found helpful during my experience.

Listen to the whole episode to hear what my biggest takeaway has been from the master cleanse, as well as what my largest challenge has been coming off the cleanse and beginning my integration. Make sure you take note of what I believe will help you make the most of your own master cleanse experience!

The honorable mentions in this episode:
Gaia ("spiritual Netflix")
Bringers of the Dawn (the book I read while on the cleanse)
Watch Zoey Arielle's Youtube Videos (3) on her Master Cleanse experience here.

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